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Opening a Japanese bank account 2012/1/17 04:33
Is there a reason a US resident cannot open a Japanese bank account? Our US based company wishes to sell on Amazon.com Japan. Amazon.com Japan requires a Japanese bank account. How can we open a Japanes bank account? We've tried just about everything we can thin of without any success.
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Re: Opening a Japanese bank account 2012/1/17 09:43
I don't think I (Japan resident) can open a US bank account without having a valid address in the US - doesn't your company have a Japan branch/representative office in Japan? Otherwise it would not make sense to sell on amazon.co.jp (if that's what you mean). I think it makes a big difference in shipping charges and shipping time, so amazon.com/co.jp must be making a clear distinction between who sells on the US site and the Japan site.
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Re: Opening a Japanese bank account 2012/1/18 02:10
The question is about our difficulty in opening a Japanese bank account bank account, not about the selling aspect. (We already sell on Amazon Germany, Amazon France and Amazon UK, so the answer doesn't really answer the question.)
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Re: Opening a Japanese bank account 2012/1/18 10:28
Why don't you make an inquiry with Japanese banks who have branches in the US - such as Mizuho Corporate Bank, MSBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ?

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Re: Opening a Japanese bank account 2012/1/18 11:37
From searching the internet it seems that your company may need a physical presence in Japan to open a corporate account. However, I would try contacting some of the larger banks in Japan directly for more information. Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ or Citibank Japan for example.

I also found a consultant company that offers to open Japanese corporate accounts for a fee:

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