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Japanese customs regarding their private lives 2012/1/17 13:45
just have a question about Japanese custom regarding personal questions.

Do Japanese women generally dislike being asked personal questions about their private life. e.g. You are having a good conversation and feel a little bit more comfortable. You ask something about like if they are living alone, or something like about their personal likes.

Just trying to get to know the person in order to have better relations which is the reason for asking personal questions.

If anybody can tell me how you should approach the situation would be great.

Any reactions, comments or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Japanese customs regarding their private lives 2012/1/17 17:17

I think that in any country or language, it depends on how you approach the question rather than the contents of the question itself.

For example, say you're talking about today's weather and someone asks you if you like movies. You'd probably think, "Weren't we talking about the weather? What is this person's intention?" But if you start a conversation by asking what (s)he was doing in the weekend, you can carry on the conversation by saying you went to the movies, and then you can ask if (s)he likes movies, and if not it would be natural to ask what (s)he likes then.

Similarly, rather than asking straightforwardly to see if (s)he is living alone, you can start talking about how you love or hate cooking, and then ask if (s)he lives alone, and then quickly add that if you do, cooking can be hard or easy and pretend that the "living alone" part of the conversation was just a side thing.

But then, you may have younger women than me in mind.
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