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Stupid question about katakana tattoo 2012/1/19 06:15
Sorry if this is a ridiculous question but I need some statements from Japanese people here. So I got many tattoos and I despite many people begin to hate it, I kinda love kanji tattoos. And I thought about getting my name - not in kanji, but in katakana. But I really how this is seen in japan (i will live there soon). Would the majority of people think it's pretty stupid, western guy tattooed his western name in katakana? Of course it's MY business - and I can really say I like the LOOK of it - but I'm unsure if the FACT of having your name (western guy) tattooed in katakana - 'cause I don't want a stupid tattoo even if it looks good. As a western person I can't really imagine how it would be seen by Japanese people - Okay, nice, cool, stupid, weird, idiotic, etc... please help me out!
by Gino (guest)  

Re: Stupid question about katakana tattoo 2012/1/19 12:40
Think of it this way; what do you think if you had your name tattooed in your native language? If you still like the idea, go ahead. Personally I don't think it is cool. By the way, I am Japanese, if it makes any difference.
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Re: Stupid question about katakana tattoo 2012/1/19 13:49
The concept of the tattoo is kinda stupid. My grampy and I use to laugh at people when they had name tattoos, we'd usually say "What, can you not remember your own name, so you had to write it down?" I mean regardless of language it really just looks goofy. But your choice, really.
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Yes. 2012/1/19 17:46

Yes, the majority of Japanese people think katakana tattoos are pretty stupid. Even kanji tattoos, too. Even the people who love tattoos in general will think it's stupid. Stupid, idiotic, comical etc., would be the word, and they would be too polite to even point it out.

On a related note, people not liking their own tattoos look stupid, too. If you're going to engrave something permanent on your body, then be resonsible for it and love it!
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Re: Stupid question about katakana tattoo 2012/1/19 20:11
No no.. this is an EXCELLENT idea! Totally cool!

Have you thought about where you'll put the tat? If I were you, I'd do it on my forehead so everyone could see it... that would be completely cool AND hardcore, which of course is what you want when you get a tattoo, right?

The only thing I'm not sure of is the katakana bit coz kanji is just so much more cool. I've even thought up a great ateji for your name :


Excellent, huh?
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Re: Stupid question about katakana tattoo 2012/1/20 04:40
What would you think of a japanese guy who had his name in romaji? Also, why do you want to tattoo your name in katakana in the first place?

I'm speaking as someone who does have tattoos, including one in a foreign language and script, so I have no intrinsic bias against either of those things.
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