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September typhoon question 2012/1/19 07:06
Hi. After 2 brilliant trips last year (new year and June) my family now has the Japan bug again. This year we are tied down a lot by school holiday factors, which leaves us only able to go from mid to end June, or from mid September. Having had a taste of the heat toward the end of our June trip (although I'd have to say it was the best trip we've had), I'm more inclined to go in September but I'm still tossing it around. Anyway, this time I'd like to get to Shikoku, essentially around the inland sea. I see that typhoon season ends in September and that my destination is essentially ground zero for typhoons. While I know it is unpredictable, is the season likely to be over by mid September? Is there any statistics available on that?
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Re: September typhoon question 2012/1/19 13:05
September can be (and lately normally is) still hot.

Typhoons hit when they do, so the only thing you can do if there is one approaching is monitor the weather news closely, and allow yourself to be flexible with the travel plan. I remember one hitting almost every weekend in July back when we used to live in Kobe. Quite unpredictable, particularly with the recent years of strange climate...


For example, this one is ''the number of typhoons that landed in Japan'' for each month of the year from 1951 till last year.
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Re: September typhoon question 2012/1/19 17:39

As far as heat and rain is concerned, September is no different from June. July and August are different from June/September, though, because they're hotter and there are more kids on summer vacation.
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Re: September typhoon question 2012/1/19 22:13
Last year we had quite a large typhoon hit us here in Shikoku around mid to late September, so there is no guarantee that the season will be over. However, if you keep an eye on the typhoon tracking on the Japanese meterological website, you can get a good idea of when and where a potential typhoon will hit and leave the area before it does.
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Re: September typhoon question 2012/1/20 04:31
I was in japan last september when typhoon roke hit on the 21st. No guarantees that the season will be over in mid- or late-september.
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Re: September typhoon question 2012/1/20 06:55
Thanks! I've actually been over twice in September, once (about 2007) in the last week (pretty pleasant) the other (2009) early (too hot) but it didnt occur to me that it was typhoon season until last year. I've got a lot of thinking to do, if it isnt June or September, it makes the holiday December and that is too far away!
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