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Working in Architecture/Internship 2012/1/19 18:52
Hey, I was wondering whether anyone has done this before. Basically, Ifm an architecture student and I am really interested in doing an Internship at an Architectural firm in Japan. Ideally I am looking at Internships during my University breaks.

I speak fluent/native level Japanese (albeit my keigo needs brushing up) and my writing skills are intermediate. Ifm in the latter years of studies if that helps. And my parents are Japanese.

In any case, I would like to know how you applied and the kind of application you sent? As well as what kind of experience you had working if you got a position? I also would be interested in hearing from people who work in architectural practices too. From what I hear, there are some non-Japanese who work/intern at internationally well-regarded practices. Ifll be happy to give it a shot and send a few emails to a few firms/practices.

Thanks in advance. :-)
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Re: Working in Architecture/Internship 2013/7/23 05:38
This might be a tad late but I was wondering what happened? I'm interested too.. So I'm wondering if you went somewhere and to which firm?
Thanks in advance!

I hope yours worked out!
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