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To sell unused Ibanez guitar brought in Japan 2012/1/19 20:22
10 days back, I bought following items from Ochanomizu, Tokyo at a price of Yen 89000:

1. Ibanez Electric guitar RG350QMZ
2. DiMarzio pick ups & hard case

Due to some circumstances, I need to sell it and it is unused by mid Feb'2012 before returning to my home country.

Could anyone guide where I can get maximum amountrecovered on it (approx. value) and shops near to Kikugawa or Hamamatsu or any web-store?

Your help is appreciated and awaited.

by Utsav1303  

Re: To sell unused Ibanez guitar brought in Japan 2012/1/20 19:18
You would be lucky to get more than 2-30,000 yen for it since you're in such a hurry.

You can buy a new RG350QMZ and case for around 50,000 so the price you paid was somewhat high.

There's pretty of them being sold online and it would be difficult to auction it off if you're in a hurry. You may way to consider taking it home and trying to sell it there.
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Re: To sell unused Ibanez guitar brought in Japan 2012/1/21 06:31
i agree with the above poster, probably won't get a good price at local shops.

if you don't want to sell it at local shops and can't take it home contact me, i can either discuss buying it from you for personal use or perhaps acting as an agent for your sale (i sell lots of stuff in japan on yahoo auctions)
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