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Kansai summer weather 2012/1/21 00:21
I have always heard that Japanese summers are super hot and humid. Im moving to Kobe in May and will be there for all 4 seasons, plus some.

I guess my question is, what is the Kansai area like in the summer months?

I hail from Virginia, where the summers are between 80 and 110 degrees Farenheit. The humidity is usually between 60 and 100%, so it really gets hot and wet here. Is this the same as Kansai?

I hear a lot of complaints about the summer, but I feel its from northern states, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand where the summers are a dry heat, and/or mild heat.

So is anyone else familiar with the American south and can contrast and compare the weather?

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Re: Kansai summer weather 2012/1/22 03:04
I'm from Maryland, so our summer experiences are probably similar. Those temperatures sound a little high (it's relatively rare for temperatures to exceed 100F and it definitely makes the news - 90 to 95 is about average on a hot day). The humidity you mentioned also sounds a little high and I live in a swamp. Usually humidity is between 40-70% unless there's a thunderstorm, where it may be a bit higher.

I'm not sure about Kansai, but Kanto summers are about the same as our temperature-wise, but more humid. Imagine a day with high humidity as the normal humidity there.

If you're from Virginia, you also need to think about your exposure to the outside. Are you outside for an extended period of time in the summer (about an hour or more)? I know I usually stay inside where it's cool during the summer at home, but in Japan you do a lot more walking/biking and some public places (like trains) only keep it mildly cool to save electricity. I had issues with not being able to sweat adequately because I spend so much time in a climate controlled environment.
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Re: Kansai summer weather 2012/1/22 08:47
if you're from the american south you'll probably be able to handle a kansai summer, but the fact that everything in osaka / kyoto is concrete will make the heat seem worse, and on the trains it can be really tough some times.

especially bad is when there's no wind.
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Re: Kansai summer weather 2012/1/22 08:52
That's a relief--I thought I was going into hell, the way some people rant about Japanese summers!

Virginia is on average a little more hot & humid than Maryland, but it's basically the same! I've spent the last 5 years in an apartment with no A.C. and made due.

I don't mind sweating or being outside for extended periods of time in the summer, do hopefully I'll be fine.
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Re: Kansai summer weather 2012/1/22 10:44
It will depend on where you live in Kobe but either way Kobe is not as bad as Osaka, which is not as bad as Kyoto.

This is due to land formation and wind patterns.

But considering where you're from, you'll make it just fine. Indoors during the day, a fan can be enough but at night it's hard to sleep without AC.
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Re: Kansai summer weather 2012/1/23 04:49
Hmmm, well I'll need to get an apartment with an AC unit, then!
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Re: Kansai summer weather 2012/1/23 11:06
The main thing is consistency....

I'm not sure about the US NE, but in Osaka in August, EVERY day is between 30 and 36 degrees, and every night only gets down to 24-27 degrees.
And every day is between 50%-75% if it doesn't rain, and higher if it does.

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Re: Kansai summer weather 2012/1/24 21:25
As kyototrans said, KOBE is best place in Kansai area.

Basen of Kyoto get hot hotter hottest , while the sea-shore area of Kobe are kept cool by the tempariture of the Sea.

I reccommend you to swim on the Beach of SUMA quite close to KOBE !
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