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Nuclear safety in Nagano 2012/1/21 09:55
We are planning to visit Nagano in the upcoming April. One aspect that still make us feel uneasy and not firming up our plan is the nuclear contamination in Nagano area followed the meltdown of nc plant in fukushima. Is the contamination level within safe limit now?
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Re: Nuclear safety in Nagano 2012/1/21 12:45
Nagano is more than 200 kilometers from the nuclear plants. There was almost no nuclear contamination in Nagano. The amounts of fallout in Nagano were very low, and the radiation levels never increased to dangerous levels.

Even in most of Fukushima Prefecture, which received a lot of fallout, radiation levels pose no health risk to travelers. Radiation levels in Fukushima City, for example, are more than ten times lower than radiation levels on board of an airplane at cruising altitude, where you are exposed to a lot of cosmic and solar radiation. As a matter of fact, you would have to approach the damaged nuclear plants to within one kilometer in order to experience a radiation level that is comparable to the radiation level on board of an airplane. And pilots are not suffering from a higher cancer rate than the average person.
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