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How to get SHINee Arena Tour 2012 Tix 2012/1/23 00:52
Hey everyone!
I'll be going on exchange this coming March to Tokyo and whilst I'm there, I'd really like to see SHINee LIVE as they are gg to do an arena tour in Japan!

I'd really really would love to get a ticket but I don't really know where to start?

I've looked at Yahoo! Japan auctions and tix are really pricey and I'm not sure if foreigners are allowed to bid and buy.

I'm also not too sure when general sales will be released as they just recently closed for lottery tickets.

Anyone has any suggestions or pointers?
Or best, anyone who has spare tickets to the Tokyo shows would like to take me in?

This is a desperate call!! Onegaishimasu!
by Janz (guest)  

Re: How to get SHINee Arena Tour 2012 Tix 2012/1/24 12:23
I have used this service twice to get concert tickets. You can check www.ticket.co.jp for prices and she will help you purchase them.

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Re: How to get SHINee Arena Tour 2012 Tix 2012/1/24 12:51
Not sure how popular SHINee is in Japan so I don't know how hard it will be to get tickets.
They did include advance reservation slips as part of their DVD set. (http://www.amazon.co.jp/SHINee-CONCERT-JAPAN-WORLD-%E5%88%9D%E5%9B%9E%...).

In general, Japan is a concert crazy country and shows for popular acts sell out typically within the first few minutes or are sold-out before they go on sale because of advance fan club reservations.

K-Pop is very popular and I would expect them to sell quickly as well.
You may need to go above and beyond (arranging for people in Japan to reserve and pay for you as soon as they go on sale) if you really want to see them.

4/25 Fukuoka
4/29 Hokkaido
5/3,4 Nagoya
5/8,9 Osaka
5/12,13 Kobe
5/30,31,6/2,3 Tokyo
6/30,7/1 Hiroshima

[Web](All Japanese, no English sites)

[Purchase via phone]
Lawson tickets
[Day of sale]

Ticket Pia
[Day of sale]
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Re: How to get SHINee Arena Tour 2012 Tix 2012/1/26 01:43
Thanks for all the feedback!

the websites are really helpful!
I'm gg to try my luck again!
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Re: How to get SHINee Arena Tour 2012 Tix 2012/2/22 19:28
Hi, I have some extra tickets to the additional show on 10th May in Osaka. Please mail me if you are interested :)

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