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Bringing Cats to Japan 2012/1/23 05:04
I posted this message about a month ago. Does anyone have actual experience bringing their cat(s) as carryon? I already have all the necessary information about regulations, just looking for someone who actually did it. Any problems upon arrival?
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Re: Bringing Cats to Japan 2012/1/24 17:01
My sister brought her cat from NYC to Tokyo. Here's a translation of her blog on that trip;

The Monday flight was not a direct flight, but one with a transfer at Chicago. I stayed at the Hilton in Newark the night before. It's often said that cats don't like strange wide open places so I tried to keep her in the bathroom, but she complained so much so I let her out. After taking a tour of the room, she found a comfy spot on the bed and slept peacefully. The next morning I found her under the bed but when I called her she came out purring and in a good mood.

I took the 6:40 shuttle bus and was amazed at how "green" the United counter crew were and it took an awful long time to get the right ticket. I went to the security check and found no problem there. The Hispanic looking guy at the security gate said something about the cat looking exactly the same as his brother's and let us through.

At this stage Mindy (the cat) had not yet gotten used to being carried in the bag and complained often to be let out. That made me worry a bit, but although she looked alarmed, she looked sedate and by the time we were boarding, I started to have a little confidence in her.

I kept the carry bag at my feet during the flight and she was very quiet during the actual trip. So during the 12.5 hour flight from Chicago, she stayed put and trouble free. I myself was basically able to sleep through most of the flight.

No fuss on entry either. It was a very quick business. No problem on the train either. She is now done examing her new home, found a favorite spot and is her usual self now.

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Re: Bringing Cats to Japan 2012/1/24 17:02
Oh the original is here and you can see the photos

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Re: Bringing Cats to Japan 2012/1/25 01:48
Thank you very much. Did you pass through immigration without any problems regarding the paperwork and immunization requirements? Again, I appreciate the answer very much.
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Re: Bringing Cats to Japan 2012/1/25 10:04
According to my sis there was absolutely no fuss upon immigrations entry. She has a Japanese passport but I don't think the kind of passport you have makes a difference in this issue.
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Re: Bringing Cats to Japan 2012/1/26 12:32
Thank you. If anyone else has experience, I would appreciate it.
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