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Kimono for a 2-year old girl? 2012/1/23 15:48
I currently live in Kobe and was asked to buy a kimono as a souvenir for a friend's granddaughter.

Do they even make kimonos or yukatas for toddlers? I know they have them for 3-year olds for Shichi-Go-San but do they have them for a 2-year old girl?

Also does anyone know where I can buy one in the Kobe/Osaka area?

Obviously I may just buy a yukata since it is a lot cheaper and it's not like they would know they difference.

Thanks in advance!
by ScorpioEL  

Re: Kimono for a 2-year old girl? 2012/1/24 11:20
Of course, there are both kimono and yukata for a 2-year old girl.
Yukata is cheap and light clothes for summer wear.
So it sold seasonally.
Real kimono is good quality and very costly.
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Re: Kimono for a 2-year old girl? 2012/1/24 11:34
Thanks ajapaneseboy!

So I am assuming that since it is winter it is basically impossible to buy a yukata in January?
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Re: Kimono for a 2-year old girl? 2012/1/24 17:27
Try Kyoto Kimono Co.,Ltd.

These products are meant to be souveniors but sometimes it's better than trying to find something that Japanese people normally wear. Reason being the seasonal thing, design preference, etc.

If you are buying these on line, make sure you also get the sashes as the ones that come with the kimonos are narrow and not good looking. 2 year old is 25 - 30 inch size.

If you can make the trip to Kyoto, the physical store is in the Kyoto Handicraft Center http://www.kyotohandicraftcenter.com/index.html

I'm sure there are other places like this in Kobe or Osaka.
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