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Wedding in Korakuen, Okayama 2012/1/24 06:56

I live in Australia and I am wanting to get married in Japan.

I've been researching about having a wedding there next year during cherry blossom season and had very little luck regarding the ceremony part.

I am fully aware of the paperwork needed to be done etc.

But I was wondering if Korakuen garden in Okayama allows wedding ceremonies, or maybe you know a garden that allows them?

I've found garden weddings aren't really a thing in Japan it's more shires and hotel weddings.

I am really hoping to have a wedding ceremony under some cherry blossom and I do love Korakuen garden.

When we were there last I did see a couple having their wedding photos taken there and a party in one of their tea houses.

We will be a group of about 20 people or less.

We really just want a small garden ceremony and then maybe a tea ceremony in a tea house then have dinner in a nice restaurant.

Or maybe you could suggest something we could do?

Or does Nara park allow such things?

I do not speak Japanese which makes it completely impossible to plan a wedding however I do have a friend who speaks and reads it.

Any help you can proivde will be most wonderful and I will be thankful.
by Shandii  

Re: Wedding in Korakuen, Okayama 2012/1/24 16:08
It is perfectly possible. And you have people who can arrange it.


The only difficult thing that involves a lot of luck is if you are lucky enough that the cherry trees are actually in blossom on that wedding day. Cherry blossoms last very short. They may be gone by the next weekend.
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Re: Wedding in Korakuen, Okayama 2012/1/24 17:52
Thank you so much for your help!

You just made this girl's dreams come true :)
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Re: Wedding in Korakuen, Okayama 2012/5/10 14:45
Thx to Takeuchi-san for info that wedding is possible. In April '12 I saw extensive wedding photo sessions here and in Himeji gardens. Hope yr wedding is wonderful. There ARE many wedding halls in resort areas; the ones near Kobe Port Tower looked very nice. Just a thought.
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Re: Wedding in Korakuen, Okayama 2012/5/12 20:26
There were weddings every 15 minutes in Korakuen.
I could also recommend Happoen in Tokyo: although similar frequency
have no idea of relative costs though
Hope it works out!
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Re: Wedding in Korakuen, Okayama 2012/5/13 03:34
As Harry Takeuchi says dont count on the cherry blossoms. I was in Tokyo this year & They declared peak blossom I think on the Friday & by the next Wednesday most of it was on the ground. However I have visited Korakuen several times & it would be a fantastic location with or without the blossom. Okayama is a great place to visit.
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