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Shopping for souvenirs in Kanazawa/Nagoya 2012/1/25 19:13
Hi, I'll be going to Kanazawa in early April by Nagoya Chubu Centrair (then train to Kanazawa) What are some ideas for souvenirs and where can I find the best deals? I'd like to buy perhaps a yukata, language books, and other things that useful but distinctly Japanese. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Shopping for souvenirs in Kanazawa/Nagoya 2012/1/27 03:28
How about goShuin?
It's each own calligraphy and red stamps that provided by almost all temples/shrines.
I think it's very good Japanese souvenir for foreign tourists.
But they don't provid foreign tourists so well...

First, you should buy a goShuinCho (goShuin book) in a temple/shrine at office called goShuinJo("").
It's about 1,000 yen.
(By the way, some temples/shrines that relate to the Imperial Household or the Tokugawa shogunate, deal in goShuinChos with a special emblem.)
Possibly the goShuinCho is already written a goShuin of the temple/shrine.

The 2nd, you show your goShuinCho (open white page) to goShuinJo officer, and say "oNegai shimasu" with a slight bow.
So he write calligraphy on your goShuinCho by writing brush with good handwriting before your eyes.
(Maybe, they advise you "You don't have to wait, leave it here and enter the temple.")
And you get back your goShuinCho, you pay 300 yen and say "Arigatou gozaimasu" with a slight bow.
(In a few shrines, it's 500 yen rarely.)

That's all.
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