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Explain Foo Fighters concert seating zones? 2012/1/31 19:34
From what I understand, the Standing Block area of Yokohama Arena is sold out for the upcoming Foo Fighters concert.
Lawson still has availability of the following options:
X^hESȎw Sȁ9,000^Aȁ8,500

Can anyone tell me where in the arena these seats are located? I have exhausted all/many online resources and cannot find an arena seating guide labeled with S & A.

Thanks in advance
by AJ_Deeds (guest)  

Re: Explain Foo Fighters concert seating zones? 2012/2/1 16:18

Have you asked Lawson?
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Re: Explain Foo Fighters concert seating zones? 2012/2/4 22:03
S & A are the seated sections around the outside of the arena. Standing is the floor section in front of thr stage (which is sold out). S is obviously closer, possibly the first tier with A the 2nd tier. There's no exact seating plan for this concert on the yokohama arena website, but it's also impossible for you to choose your seat though the lawsons ticket machine anyway, it is automatically allocated to you. It seems the only tickets available now are S tickets.
If you really want to see where your seat will be before purchasing it, I recommend you go to a ticket pia shop and ask them if they can show you a seating map (that's provided ticket pia also has available tickets left).

Hope it's some help to you! As a music lover living here, it's not easy getting tickets!!! Hope you end up getting a ticket coz it's sure to be an awesome show!!!
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