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Onsen etiquette 2012/2/1 17:57
I am heading to Japan very soon and unfortunately it looks like I will have my female monthlies while I am there. We are staying at an onsen for a few nights and I am wondering if it is alright to go in the bath if I have a tampon in? I would hate to miss this chance! I am thinking of I tuck the string up no-one would no so it wouldn't be any problem?
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Re: Onsen etiquette 2012/2/1 18:25
Yes, that would be fine.

(From a Japanese woman)
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Re: Onsen etiquette 2012/2/3 01:53
If I were you I'd cut the string to make sure it's not showing. personally I wouldn't leave a used tampon or wrappings in the bathroom inside the bath area in case the cleaner has issues with it. (It just seems like nice manners.)
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