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Living and working in Japan? 2012/2/3 07:58
Hi everyone!

I am currently 20 years old and live in The Netherlands. I started to like Japan a few years ago, and from that moment I started loving things about Japan, as I got to know them. I've started to study the language, I can read and write kana, but still working on reading kanji.
I have been using English all my live and speak/write it fluently, although I only have a high school certificate to show for it. But ever since I was on school, I never learned anything about English I didn't already know.

Now that I've shared all this info, here's my question. Ever since I started liking Japan, I wanted to go and there. Several years passed and I still feel the same way. So my question is, what is the fastest way for me to go to Japan and start living and working there? I could teach English or Dutch, but I don't have a degree for English and I don't think Dutch is being taught there very much. So please, help me. I really want to go, but I have no idea where to start. I have been browsing the internet for information, but am unable to find anything that's useful for me. I could go and get a degree, but that would take me at least 4/5 more years.
Does anyone have any thought to share or is there anyone who can provice me with additional information?

Thank you all in advance.

PS. Please note that I'm willing to give up or do nearly anything to succceed, I just want it as soon as possible.

by DutchKenshin  

Re: Living and working in Japan? 2012/2/3 09:35
- Immigration requirement for a work visa is that you need either a bachelor's degree or several years of relevant work experience (meaning if you want to teach English in Japan, you need to have taught it elsewhere for at least a few years). At your age you don't qualify yet, I suppose.

- To be considered "native English speaker," which would be a basic requirement for someone trying to teach English in Japan without any teaching experience/teaching qualification, I believe you need to have received your education "through" English for 12 years (from elementary school to senior high school). As Netherlands is not really considered a nation with English as the mother tongue, I wonder if you would qualify?

- If you want to try living in Japan for 6 months up to 1 year or so, I believe Dutch nationals are eligible for Working Holiday Visa - this is a way to give young people opportunities to travel extensively in a foreign country (in your case Japan) with a means to pick up casual jobs to help with travel expenses, and to learn about that country. Since you sound like you haven't been to Japan yet, either simply coming for a trip, or something like this might be a start?
by AK rate this post as useful

Re: Living and working in Japan? 2012/2/3 10:02
in my opinion your best way is to come here as a student or exchange student.

don't know what you need to do to come here as a student. everyone's financial situation is different. those from european countries are often lucky in that their government will pay for most or all of their education even if completed overseas.

if you still like japan after 1-4 years here then you'll be in a good position to decide if you want to stay.
by winterwolf (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Living and working in Japan? 2012/2/3 11:58
U can visit Japan on tourist visa anytime. U will be eligible for spouse visa if u get married to a japanese woman.
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