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Jobs in modeling and entertainment 2012/2/5 09:28
Just out of curiosity I was wondering how one would find a job in either modeling or entertainment. I looked on the Working In Japan page and found this posted- "Other professional fields, in which qualified foreign residents have a good chance to find work, include translation, IT, modeling, gastronomy and entertainment".
Whenever I have looked for jobs in these categories I have never found any advertised.
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Re: Jobs in modeling and entertainment 2012/2/9 10:44
I don't know what data source this is based on, but I think if there is such data it is because a lot of foreigners entered Japan as "performers" in the past. It used to be easier to get a work visa if you say you were coming here to perform traditional dance or song and people would come in as dancers or singers, but they would actually work in bars and similar institutions making drinks and performing other services to customers. Classic underground method of smuggling in cheap labor for the night industry.

The government already knows what's been going on, and has made its standards more strict so it is now a lot more difficult to use the "performer" status to get a visa.

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