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Fancy to go Fuji Rock. Anyone recommend? 2012/2/5 22:56
Hello Everyone,

I'd posted my question about going concerts in Japan last year. Thanks the forum and people here. I got a lot of tips yeah.

Well this year, I'm planning to attend Fuji Rock. This will be the first famous music festival to me. So I have to plan well.

I've done searching before writing here but seems nothing actually answers my questions. So if you guys don't mind, please recommend me.

I plan to travel with few friends. To be fair, if anyone of them (or all) are accidentally unavailable during the festival period and not going, that means I have to go alone.

My background is, a female (typically small Asian size), I can carry my backpack. I had been travelling Japan for 4 times in this 2 years (2 times on my own, stay dorm) I wish to do camping in Fuji Rock but I never experience to stay campsite on my own. My main purpose for visiting Japan were always about Concerts, either this time.

Here I go for questions,

1. Do you think I can survive the festival if I'm alone ? I cannot speak Japanese ... (but my Japanese friend strongly NOT recommend if I were alone. She'll go but she'll stay outside with friends)

2. How difficult to travel to the festival ? Load transportation ?

3. Is it ok to leave everything (everything !) in the tent ? I plan that after I land to Tokyo, I will be heading to the festival. Or should I really keep my big bag in Tokyo, and just go with essentials ?

4. How are the facilities//food like ? Toilet? Is simply-private bathroom available ?

That's all for now. Thanks in advance. More tips are warmly welcome. ^^
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Re: Fancy to go Fuji Rock. Anyone recommend? 2012/2/7 11:37
1. Sure, you can go to the festival alone. I usually spend a lot of time at the festival alone because it's difficult to find my friends or they want to watch different bands. I've camped by myself before too when friends have been staying in hotels.
It is a very friendly and safe festival. You will probably meet other people there. There are lots of international festival-goers so don't worry about not speaking Japanese.

2. It is easy to get to the festival by train and then there is a shuttle bus. It's no problem to carry your backpack, tents etc.

3. If you are carrying lots of stuff that you don't need at the festival, I would suggest leaving some of it in a coin locker in Tokyo. Otherwise it will be a pain to carry and fill up your tent.
Theft is uncommon so don't worry too much about leaving things in your tent. You can always put little locks on the tent and bag zips.

4. The food is good and not too expensive. You will find a large range of Japanese and international food all over the festival site. A number of the menus are only in Japanese though so this would be the only time that not knowing Japanese might be a bit of a problem. But you can see the food and the pictures or ask the staff.
There are portable toilets all over the festival. There can be long lines at the ones near the main stages at peak times. It's an outdoor festival so they can get pretty muddy and smelly of course.
For campers, there are public baths and showers. They are not private, the water can be a bit cold and there are long lines. You can also pay to use public baths at some of the small inns in the surrounding area.

For more info or to meet up with people at FRF, check out:

There are lots of other tips on my blog:

Plus my reviews of 2008, 2009 and 2010 FRF

Still haven't decided if I'm going to go this year. I skipped last year...

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oh thanks 2012/2/7 12:53
Hi mrcraige Thanks for long answers. I found lots of tips in the blog. Awesome.

Now the most important stuff is Ticket. How fast has it been sold out normally ? It starts selling in May. Can foreigner buy from oversea ? I wouldn't buy ticket package from agency. I would save some money if I really can :)

Thanks for now. I'm sure I will have more question. Give me sometimes with those blogs and tips. Appreciated for more info :D
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