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Akita city bus timetables/routes? 2012/2/6 06:11
Hi, I'm looking for city bus information for Akita, since I'll be staying there for two nights (In Hotel Grantia, if you must know :P)

On Google maps, I've noticed Akita has a whole bunch of bus stops, but I'm having a hard time to find information on the busses.

What I'm looking for, is timetables and routes. Knowing the rates would be fine, but not neccesary. I'll just assume the rates are alright as they are everywhere.

TIA :)
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Re: Akita city bus timetables/routes? 2012/2/6 11:16
Local buses are difficult to figure out even if you read Japanese.

Closest information to what you need may be



http://www.akita-chuoukotsu.co.jp/akitaeki-search.html (you need to be able to read Japanese to use this tool).

The best bet is asking your hotel concierge to figure out your bus route to wherever you are going the next day. Even then you will probably need to ask the driver or people around you if the bus actually stops at where you want to go because sometimes there are buses that go to the same destination but via different routes.

I would say take a cab or a rentacar.
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Re: Akita city bus timetables/routes? 2012/2/6 19:34
No, actually it's pretty helpful I think. No timetables, but at least there are some routes that I can match with google maps or what have you.

I found them on the original version of the translated page your posted, here:

I cannot read kanji (kana's are no problem for me) but as always, a "match the symbols" approach will do just fine, as the notices inside the bus are probably kanji as well.

Many thanks :)

But of course, any additional help will still be appreciated.
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