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Groom's family responsibilities 2012/2/6 08:12
A friend of mine will be traveling to Japan for his son's wedding in April. It will be a traditional wedding at a Shrine. He was wondering if there were things that were required of him for either the wedding or reception. Thank you.
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Re: Groom's family responsibilities 2012/2/7 21:19

Congratulations. Traditionally speaking, the father of the groom is supposed to be the head host of the wedding ceremony and banquette. Therefore, typically he will be the one to start the family introduction right after the small ceremony, and will be the one to give a short speech of appreciation to the guests who came to the banquette.

But all these things are usually pre-arranged. It's not like you pat a glass and give a speech out of the blue. A wedding company staff would typically give you all the directions based on the plans the family laid out in advance.

Also, you are free to do your wedding and banquette any way you want. Just because the ceremony is done at a shrine, that doesn't mean that everything has to be traditional.

So my advise to the parent(s) in issue is to get in touch with the bride's parents and ask for advise.
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