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Buying SIM card 2012/2/6 13:48
I am going to Japan in two weeks and looking for a sim card for my unlocked iPhone.
I just came across this website and am not sure if this is the best to way to get one. It looks good deal to me though.
Any advice or any other suggestions would be appreciated!
by Kelly (guest)  

Re: Buying SIM card 2012/2/7 13:44
Econnect seems to be a typical rental agency. Their prices are not the cheapest, but look reasonable. Otherwise they're a brand new player without any reputation yet. How long will you be staying? There may be better options out there for you depending on your needs.
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Re: Buying SIM card 2012/2/7 15:27
By the way, you may want to check out B-mobile instead. They operate on the same network as econnnect (docomo) but are quite a bit cheaper and offer unlimited data instead of a 1gb cap. They've also been around a lot longer with a generally good reputation.

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