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Help with application (exchange student) 2012/2/9 20:08
Hey guys,

These are for the people who have experienced in traveling to Japan as a exchange student or those who have connections about the processing of applications for students who are interested in traveling abroad.

Can you guys give me some of your past personal reference forms? Or a breakdown of each paragraph and what I should say that are highlights that I should focus on? You can post on them or here or you can send them to me as a private message. No plagiarism will take place. I just want to get a clear idea of how I should construct my paper paragraph by paragraph. Im really nervous about completing this form.

The questions I have to answer are:
*Please describe your reasons for visiting to study at _______
*Please describe your Japanese experience to date.

Both are separated papers.
Help is appreciated.

by oXoBeatOfAngeloXo  

Re: Help with application (exchange student) 2012/2/11 08:04

If I were you, I would honestly write about my reasons and experiences.

-Why did you choose that particular university?
-Was it the location or student population that made you want to apply there?
-Why do you want to go to Japan in general?
-What are your goals for your time in Japan?

-Have you been studying about the Japanese language and culture? And if so, how?
-Have you made any Japanese friends/pen pals?
-Are you part of a Japanese club or have you been to Japanese cultural events?
-How did you become interested in Japan?

I hope these questions will help you with your paper! ^_^

Good luck on your application - I'm sure that you'll be fine!
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Re: Help with application (exchange student) 2012/2/12 01:36
Thank u so much. This really help me out
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