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Japanese Fiancee and Traveling Culture 2012/2/11 14:35
So my Japanese fiancee is on a trip right now by herself for 4 days. Before she left she told me many times that when she arrives she will message me and/or call me. She even wrote me a note saying the same thing. I showed her how to connect via WiFi(She has an iPhone) and even mentioned she could use her friend's iPhone to call me via the "Line" app.

However, when she arrived she said nothing to me. It is day three and I've received nothing directly from her. I only know she is ok because her friend posts pictures of her on Facebook. The country she is in is not 3rd world, they actually have WiFi everywhere.

A friend of mine told me that Japanese women do this. When they go on trips they will not contact anyone back home be it parents, husband, or boyfriend.

So my question to everyone is, is this true? Is it cultural?
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Re: Japanese Fiancee and Traveling Culture 2012/2/11 22:43
Don't assume. Some Japanese women do and some don't. Only she knows the answer.
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Re: Japanese Fiancee and Traveling Culture 2012/2/11 22:45
Probably she is enjoying a break from you. Maybe she felt smothered.
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Re: Japanese Fiancee and Traveling Culture 2012/2/12 07:36
The answer to your question is irrelevant. Whatever the common behavioral pattern may be, she told you she would contact you upon arrival .. and she didn't. So either something has prevented her from doing so, or she has entered into the "careless state of bliss zone" that all my Asian ex-girlfriends seemed to have visited ever now and then. I wouldn't worry too much about it or jump to conclusions ATM.
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