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Does anybody know this Japanese song? 2012/2/12 07:38
I was watching a documentary on Hosts, and the opening song for the documentary was really beautiful, but not nobody knows the name. I thought someone on here might know. I can pick out certain words from the song, the words are so common you'll find them in any song so googling it was fairly pointless.

This is the video, the song plays in the first 0:30 seconds and that's it.

Sorry if I put this question in the wrong place.
by morrgmorg  

Re: Does anybody know this Japanese song? 2012/2/13 15:22
Hi, morrgmorg.

I think that song is "Sansaara"(saṃsāra means metempsychosis/reincarnation) by Yamaguchi Takuma.
Song by Atari Kousuke.

In Japanese, song name is サンサーラ(Sansaara) / song by 中 孝介(Atari Kousuke) / music&lyrics by 山口 卓馬(Yamaguchi Takuma)
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