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want to buy Japanese pillow 2012/2/12 18:14
We just spent a night at Super hotel in Ashikaga. We sleep so well and really like their pillow. It is packed with small pellet that support the neck contour so comfortably. We would like to buy it back home. But we are leaving from airport, and want to know a store near Chiba station that sell that kind of pillow. If anyone know please let me know. We are flying out on 23 Feb.

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Re: want to buy Japanese pillow 2012/2/13 09:48
This sounds similar/same as the pillows at Toyoko Inn. These are made by a company called Maruhati:


The problem is that it seems these pillows are only sold to hotel chains. First, if you are still staying at Super Hotel, check the label on the actual pillow (beneath the pillowcase) to find out if it is a Maruhati pillow or another company. Or ask at the front desk to see if they can supply you with contact details or the supplier.

I actually got lucky in that when I decided I wanted a Maruhati pillow it turned out that the next city I would be in (Hakata) had a Maruhati showroom. After dropping my bags at the hotel I went straight to the showroom and looked at all the pillows on display, none were the same as at the hotel. It turned out that this particular showroom also handled sales to hotels and I was lucky enough to get them to sell be a sample (I think I paid about 3,500 Yen).

I had tried looking in various bedding stores, but never saw this sort of pillow on sale.
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Re: want to buy Japanese pillow 2012/2/13 10:40
I think you're talking about sobagara or buckwheat pillow:


Lots of them available online in most areas of the world these days. No need to carry one home.
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Re: want to buy Japanese pillow 2012/2/13 17:49
After I wrote my orginal answer I did think that the pillow you want is the one that Tokyonet refers to, and not the version I talked about. The one I was refering to has just one side of the pillow filled with soba/buckwheat (or possibly a man-made alternative). I have a "full" soba pillow that I bought in New York and it was from one of those "as seen on TV" stores.
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Re: want to buy Japanese pillow 2012/2/13 20:25
I just happen to stay at Kushiro Super hotel tonight. I open the pillow case and no label to be seen. And this hotel pillow contains a plastic pellet, not the real one I am impressed. I checked the link provided by Tokyonet and it seem to be the one I want. Thank you both.
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