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Traveling for 12D 12N in Japan? 2012/2/15 15:16
I'll be reaching Osaka at 15Dec 3:55p.m and leaving from Tokyo at 27Dec 11:30p.m. Pretty much 12D/12N Trip for 3 persons. So my traveling idea is to go from Osaka and slowly traveling down to Tokyo. I think i'm gonna get the 5 Days Kippu Ticket for my traveling. I'm gonna stay 3 days in Osaka and 3 days in Tokyo. For the places to visit in between Osaka and Tokyo i'm not sure of. I know theres Kyoto but apart from that i'm totally lost. Can someone tell me what are the places that i can visit and the time i have to spend there including Kyoto? I know my traveling date is 10 mth away but i think i should plan early as i have loads of work during this period and i want to book my accommodation early seeing its going to be Christmas at that time. Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks.
by Alex Ma  

Re: Traveling for 12D 12N in Japan? 2012/2/15 15:35
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Re: Traveling for 12D 12N in Japan? 2012/2/15 15:57
Some places along that route which I can think off at the top of my head:

Nara -

Kyoto -

Nagoya -

Yokohama -

Look through the pages to see if anything interests you, and choose the places which you`d like to visit to form the basis of your itinerary. From there, you could then ask again for suggestions for improvements.

Happy browsing
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Re: Traveling for 12D 12N in Japan? 2012/2/18 19:41
15 - Arrive at Osaka 4.30p.m (explore Osaka)
16-17 - Explore Osaka
18 - Day trip to Yoshino (Return to Osaka when done)
19 - Day trip to Nara (Return to Osaka when done)
20 - Day Trip to Ise-Shima (Return to Osaka when done)
21 - Day Trip to Kyoto (Return to Osaka when done)
22 - Leave Osaka and place my bags in lockers in Kyoto Station and explore more of Kyoto. Take night train to Yokohama.
23 - Reach Yokohama at 10.30a.m, leave my bags at lockers and go around Yokohama than finish up and take train to Tokyo. Reach Tokyo at night.
24-26 - Explore Tokyo
27 - leave Tokyo at 11.55pm.

The above dates are in December 2012. I'll be using the Kintetsu Rail Pass for 18-22 to travel around and use the Kippu 18 Pass for 22 onwards for my trip to Tokyo and around untill it expires. I was wondering if i planned it correctly, any suggestions? and im not really sure about the kippu 18 pass because i'm using hyperdia to check the times and i don't really know which types of trains i should uncheck, can some1 let me know which type of train i can't use? any suggestions is highly appreciated. thanks.
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Re: Traveling for 12D 12N in Japan? 2012/2/19 08:52
I don't usually recommend Seishun 18 kippu for foreign tourists as JR Pass has excellent value if planned well.

That being said, I advise you to travel like this:

15 - Kansai Airport to Osaka
16 - Osaka
17 - Osaka
18 - Kyoto(daytrip)
19 - Kyoto(daytrip)
20 - Nara(daytrip)
21 - Yoshino(daytrip)
22 - Osaka to Ise-shima(to Nagoya, even Night train to Tokyo)
23 - (to Nagoya) to or around Tokyo
24-26 - Explore Tokyo and Yokohama
27 - leave Tokyo at 11.55pm.

Kintetsu Rail Pass should be used during Dec 18-22 or 19-23(till Nagoya)
Seishun 18 Kippu should be used from 23 - 27.

Moonlight Nagara night train from Nagoya to Tokyo is popular and sometimes booked out. In that case, it takes 7 hours to travel from Nagoya to Tokyo during daytime.
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Re: Traveling for 12D 12N in Japan? 2012/2/19 19:18
K i'm not really sure about this but my bro suggested smth like this.

15 - Reach Osaka (Overnight)
16 - Osaka (Overnight)
17 - Osaka (Overnight)
18 - Kyoto (Overnight)
19 - Kyoto (Overnight)
20 - Take Flight to Sapporo (Overnight)
21 - Sapporo (Overnight)
22 - Sapporo (Overnight)
23 - Take Flight to Tokyo (Overnight)
24-26 - Tokyo (Overnight)
27 - Leave Tokyo

you guys think it's a good idea? i'm not sure about it but it does look less complicating LOL.
by Alex Ma rate this post as useful

Re: Traveling for 12D 12N in Japan? 2012/2/19 19:49
Sorry bout that... scratch the last post cuz i don't think i can handle Sapporo. LOL. Last December i went to Tokyo during winter and my lips were cracked like hell. i just checked Sapporo on Japan Guide and it's said to be colder than Tokyo and Osaka. Back to plan 1 i suppose.
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