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What is Kishine Barracks now? 2012/2/16 06:00
I was stationed at the 106th General Hospital, Kishine Barracks from late 1965 to mid 1968. During that time I taught English part-time at Moosa English Schoolin Shin Fukutomi Cho near Sakuragi Cho in Yokohama. I am curious about the Kishine Barracks and about the Moosa English School. I would be interested in corresponding with anyone associated with either organization during that time.
by Mike Wyatt (guest)  

... 2012/2/16 09:33
I'm not sure if you have read it but there is a very lengthy thread on here which mentions Kishine numerous times.

"Yokohama Navy Exchange was where?"

It's 160 pages long so I'm sure there will be many hours of interesting reading for you there!

If no-one from that thread sees your post then I'd suggest posting in that thread and you will probably get a quicker response.

Hope this helps!
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2012/2/16 15:18
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2012/2/19 02:17
Mike, I was a corpsman at the 106th from Jan 1967 to Aug 1968. I was an assistant to the Chief Nurse. I was a friend of Mike Albrinck, Pinky Spaulding, Jim Ducall, Gary Nave, Bob King, to name a few. I can't seem to recall your name, where did you work? In the early 1970s the 106th was closed and the patients were moved to Camp Zama. The buildings were bulldozed and it is now a park, called Kishine Koen. The only thing that remains is the softball field. I was last there in 1980.
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2013/3/16 02:02
I arrived in Yokohama on 14 Feb. 1955 on the John H. Pope (Troop Ship) and Departed Japan in Feb. 1959. Go to
and look at the map to see how Yokohanma looked in 1949 and the early 50's.
I enjoyed my years there and a young man. I returned to Japan in 1973 and was assigned to Sagami Depot for three more years.
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2014/4/27 04:43
I worked as a paymaster from June 1968 to June 1970 at Kishine. Interested in corresponding with anyone - staff or patients who were there during this time.
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Re: I remember 106th 2015/3/4 11:36
My late husband was one of original doctors at 106th--Dec 65 to Aug 67. I was there, too, remember those days well. especially constant helicopter traffic. Lived in Navy housing Bayview 2. Can anyone give me street address of 106th and Bayview 2? Plan to return there for first time in early May. Is Navy Exchange still at base of hill where housing was located? I'm taking daughter to see her birthplace--Navy hospital at Yokosuka. Thanks much for any information.
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2015/12/14 03:03
After reading the answers to this question I cannot add anymore. However, I too, worked at 106th General Hospital as a Red Cross Hospital Recreation Worker during 1968 and 1969. I will be visiting Japan next year on an OAT tour in April-May. I had hoped to return to Kishine to see what it had become. Now I know....but I still want to go to see it. I look forward to see what remains of the Japan and the Japanese I knew as well as the changes that surely have taken place during the last 45 -50 years.
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Welcome home 2015/12/14 14:45
April would be a lovely season to visit what now is a nice green park at Kishine. From there, you should take a bus or a walk to Rokkakubashi area which has nice neighborhood shopping streets as well as a college town atmosphere because of Kanagawa Uni.

Meanwhile, you can visit the old Negishi residents which just closed its gate but still has U.S. Military housing standing there. Hope you enjoy Japan.
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2016/4/6 01:32
I arrived at Kishine Barracks in Dec 65 and departed Jan 68. Prior to Japan I served with the 106th GH in Texas. I started by career in the status of RA and then spent time in the USAR and I concluded by career in the AGR program; after 20 yrs of AD. Qapla'!
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2017/7/12 05:17
I was stationed at Kishine from 1960-63. At that time it was used as an Army R&R center for the "advisers" in Vietnam. I was part of a small detachment of Navy personnel assigned to Navy Terminal Post Office 850, which operated out of a warehouse at The Osano docks in Yokohama. We lived on one floor in one of the barracks. Kishine had all the perks expected for an R&R center. But we spent most of our off duty time at the Flora Bar, just outside the gate of the Terminal Post Office warehouse. Loved every minute of my 3 and 1/2 years in Japan. Of course I was young and single, and it didn't hurt that I was a Navy guy living at an Army R& R Barracks, and a dollar was worth 360 yen.
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Stationed at the 106th General Hospital 2017/7/27 04:40
I was a personnel specialist at the 106th General Hospital in Kishini from January 1967 to January 1968. I "volunteered" to go to Viet Nam and was transferred there on January 30th, 1968, arrived just in time to be involved in the Tet Offensive. Sorry to say due to injuries and PTSD I have no recollection of who I worked with or for while at the 106.
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2018/2/28 11:16
I was a patient at 106 th Gen Hospital in Yokohama In Late May 69f to Nov 69f on the orthopaedic Ward, I would like to thank the nurses on that ward an and a Nurse I. recovery after Surgery she stayed up with me all night I was the last patient in recovery so much pain
I wanted to thank her I believe she was a Captain
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Re: What is Kishine Barracks now? 2018/9/13 16:31
I understand that what was known as Kishine Camp or the 106th General Hospital is now a park. I was stationed there in 1970 and worked in the Operating Room. I arrived in January of 1970 and after about three months was transferred to Camp Drake and after that was transferred to Camp Zama Hospital. Our patients at all three hospitals were Vietnam
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