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How to buy sumo tickets? 2012/2/17 15:58
I don't speak Japanese and I need to buy 4 sumo tickets online (or by phone) to the wrestling on the 6th of May. On this site http://www.sumo.or.jp/eng/ticket/kaikata/index.html (I think this is the official one) it's written that I can only buy tickets online if I speak Japanese. Is there any way I can purchase tickets using English? I've found this site http://www.buysumotickets.com but there is no link to it on http://www.sumo.or.jp/eng/ticket/kaikata/index.html so I'm not sure it is secure. Could you pls advise me smth?
Thank you!
by Mariia (guest)  

Re: How to buy sumo tickets? 2012/2/17 19:23
The buysumotickets website is definitely secure as I have used them before. They charge about 1000 yen extra per ticket but I suppose it is worth it for the convenience. Have fun!
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Re: How to buy sumo tickets? 2012/2/18 00:05
I too used the buysumotickets.com website and had absolutely no problems. They even credited me a small amount of yen when the cost of delivery changed from what I was originally charged.
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... 2012/2/20 08:54
Just thought I'd also say that buysumotickets were very easy to deal with. We used them in Nov 2010 (Fukuoka) and it was great having the tickets with us before leaving for Japan. He also gave us some good advice on what the differences were between all of the seating options vs boxes etc.

Enjoy the Sumo!
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