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Shopping info 2012/2/22 10:36
I need information on best available and reasonable(less expensive) shopping area for these items:

1. Mobile phone (Samsung Note or Galaxy)
2. Ipad2
3. Women clothings(coats, dresses and shoes)
4. Men shoes
5. Small souvenirs
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Re: Shopping info 2012/2/22 14:19
Shopping area where? What city?
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Re: Shopping info 2012/2/22 15:27
In Tokyo.
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Re: Shopping info 2012/2/22 20:16
2. Ipad2
I'm sure that Yodabasi, Bic, and the Apple Store would have this. See: http://www.sunnypages.jp/travel_guide/tokyo_electronics

3. Women clothings(coats, dresses and shoes)
Depends on the age and size of the woman as to what to recommend.

For young women (under 25) who are Japanese sized (that is about a US 6/8 and under):
1. Shibuya 109
2. Harajuku (cheap but not sure how long it'll last)
3. Sunshine 60 building Ikebukuro
4. LaForet in Harajuku

For larger and non Japanese sized women, up to 30 (stretching it on the first recommendation)
A. Covely/Su*Pu*re (lots of locations!)
B. Marui Model (I think that is what it's called...)

For older 30s, try Isetan (they have plus sized too) or Lalaport Toyosu

4. Men's shoes
No idea, try http://www.sunnypages.jp/search/tokyo_shopping/shoes

5. Small souvenirs
For Japanese-y stuff, try Asakusa Kannon Markets and Oriental Bazaar in Harajuku/Omotesando
For randomness, try a 100 yen store
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