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Popular Hobby Shops near Tokyo or Kyoto 2012/2/22 17:07
I'm taking my father in law to visit Japan for the first time with my wife. He is a collector of everything from model kits, stamps, rare coins and beyond. I want to take him to places with a good selection and a staff who know what they're talking about. Two of our major stops are in Tokyo and Kyoto, so within a hour by JR what would you recommend in the surrounding area?
by youngman808  

Re: Popular Hobby Shops near Tokyo or Kyoto 2012/2/22 19:25
Theres a shop in Kyoto city that sells model cars/planes/robots stuff like that. I've only been in there once, so my memory is not that great but it is on Shijo dori. If you walk down shijo dori from Kawaramachi towards Karasuma, it is on the right hand side of the street. Its a really small store downstairs. You will have to keep your eyes open for it, theres a glass display cabinet of the models on the street leval in the entrance to the stairs.
You should be able to find shops like this everywhere though, ask at the hotel you are staying too.

by bec (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Popular Hobby Shops near Tokyo or Kyoto 2012/2/22 23:20
Japan is a hobby lovers paradise! In Tokyo, the Akihabara area has a lot of model shops. You just need to walk around the main streets. Also Yodobashi Camera in back of the Akihabara Station has a huge selection of all sorts of models and hobby items on one of it's upper floors. Nakano Broadway is also a great place to shop.
by 56Premiere rate this post as useful

Re: Popular Hobby Shops near Tokyo or Kyoto 2012/2/23 01:55
There's a LAOX just off the Chuo Dori in Akiba that would be to your liking. It's one intersection south of the Chuo Line overhead tracks. Heading south on the Chuo Dori from the Akihabara JR station, make a left on the street that intersects the Chuo Dori just before you hit the Kandagawa River bridge. That particular LAOX store is on the left hand side of the street, about half a block off the Chuo Dori....
by John (digs Japan) (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Popular Hobby Shops near Tokyo or Kyoto 2012/2/24 23:12
No-one mentioned Tokyu Hands? I know there's one in Ikebbukuro and Shinjuke and I knw there are others. A hobbyist's paradise.
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