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Weight & Shopping Questions 2012/2/23 13:53
Hey everyone,

Soo.. I'm planning a trip sometime later this year, and I just had some questions about weight issues and shopping in and around Tokyo.

I'm 5'6 and 133lbs, I'm curvy but I've got a flat stomach. I just wanna know if my weight will be an issue, I'll only be there for about 2 weeks, but I still would like to know.

I know I won't be able to find pants/skirts there, but what about tops and shoes? I wear a size 8 American, size 5 1/2 I believe in UK sizes. I generally wear a small/medium depending on the clothes.

Thanks in advance, for any advice and/or answers.

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Re: Weight & Shopping Questions 2012/2/25 11:31
There are many departmental stores and some boutiques with plus sizes so you will be fine.

Another consideration is that the stores turnover merchandise quickly into the next season-earlier dates than London, S.F or L.A.. To plan and anticipate clothing texture accordingly, just choose your date of arrival based on which seasonal attire you are looking for.

Enjoy Japan
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Re: Weight & Shopping Questions 2012/2/26 09:12
With all the walking you will be doing while in Japan, I can assure you will be at least one size smaller when you leave. Bring a good broken-in pair of walking shoes.
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Re: Weight & Shopping Questions 2012/2/26 09:28
My wife is about the same as you in weight and height.

Shoes -she had no trouble with shoe sizes but often found Japanese shoe sizes only came in small, medium and large!

Skirts - she was able to buy some stunning skirts but the ones she bought had the elasticised waist which she doesn't really like.

Lingerie (she's a 36B going on C) - she went to a few of the trendy lingerie shops but there was nothing to fit her, close but no fit! From memory it wasn't the cup size (B~C) that was a problem but the torso size of 36.

Hope that helps.

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