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Tokyo Sumo May Tournament 2012/2/23 20:35

I am planning to visit the May Tournament in Tokyo. Due to my travel schedule only two days would apply: Sunday 06.05.2012 and Monday 07.05.2012. What day would you suggest to go?

Sunday 06.05.2012:
- its the first day of the tournament, its on a weekend and the last day of golden week. So I think it will be very very crowded and harder to get tickets. But the atmosphere would be better, whit so much people.

Monday 07.05.2012
- a weekday, less people. Will it be possible to go to the lower seats (box seats), if there are not so much people around, even if you only have a cheaper arena seat? Because I would like to take some decent pictures. but I cant afford box seats.

thank you very much.
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Re: Tokyo Sumo May Tournament 2012/2/23 21:29
It is definitely a lot better to sit in the downstairs section.

Ideally, get tickets for the downstairs box seats on the first day. The top wrestlers will perform some special routine/s to denote the start of the tournament, and as you say, the atmosphere will be better.

However, if the bottom seats have already sold out, then go to the Monday. You won't be allowed into the bottom section if you have only got cheap tickets. They stopped allowing this last year, unfortunately.

Have fun!
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Re: Tokyo Sumo May Tournament 2012/2/24 10:25
I would definitely recommend sunday if you can get a hold of tickets! More people and more ceremonies. But probably already solt out (especially the good box seats)

I wouldn't worry too much about the arena seats, though. I was sitting up there once and was totally fine.

As for pictures: Pictures tend to be better a bit further away from the dohjo as you do not have the bright lighting causing troubles!
Usually, you cannot access the box seat area before the tournaments 'really starts' (around 4.30-5pm) but once tons of people start walking around I am sure you can sneek in and get a few pictures.
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Re: Tokyo Sumo May Tournament 2012/2/24 10:28
oh - forgot: If you want some reaaallly good pictures (and close-up) u might want to consider going to a sumo practice in one of the many stables around Ryogoku! Not easy to get the contacts but definitely worth trying. i did it many times and it's always a great experience drinking green tea and watching them practice - reeeaaalllly early in the morning/night though :)
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Re: Tokyo Sumo May Tournament 2012/3/29 05:57
thank you very much for all the information! I will try to get tickets for sunday.

My other question: I would like a seat where I can see the two wrestlers facing each other. Does anybody know where I should sit?(east/west or north/south) I hope you understand what I am trying to say ;o)

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Re: Tokyo Sumo May Tournament 2012/3/29 07:01
The "front" side in the north will get you the best view. The wrestlers are facing each other west vs. east, while the referee stands behind then in the south. A seat in the north ("front") will get you the best views. That is also where the Emperor's seat and the TV cameras are situated:
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... 2012/3/29 09:44
Not sure if you were planning to purchase tickets directly, but if you aren't then we have used the service provided by buysumotickets in the past. He offered good advice on the seats and purchased the tickets and mailed them to us in Australia, so we had them before we left for Japan.

He is currently accepting pre-orders for the May Tournament.

Enjoy your Sumo!
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