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Can tourist buy iPad in Japan? 2012/2/25 04:04
I'm visiting Japan for holiday. I intend to purchase iPad while i'm there. Is it possible for a tourist like me to buy iPad in Japan? Does it require any specific data plan or mobile services that can only be used locally? Since, i'll be purchasing it for usage in my country, is it okay for me to buy one.

It would be nice if someone could give some advise in regards of iPad purchase in Japan for those who want to use it in their home country.

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Re: Can tourist buy iPad in Japan? 2012/2/27 03:48
I don't think you'll be able to get an Ipad with cellular service but you should be able to get a wifi Ipad at any electronics store.

It might be possible to get a cellular service ipad on a prepaid plan of some sort but you'll need to have someone who is fluent in Japanese (if you aren't yourself) to discuss such things with the mobile service provider as they generally only speak Japanese.

But with the Yen as strong as it is, it would probably be cheaper to purchase an Ipad in your home country.
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Re: Can tourist buy iPad in Japan? 2012/2/27 03:53
Depends 1 on what country your from dataplan wise which makes me think you want to go to like ntt or docomo and buy one like if you want to make a contract for service which you cant do as a non-resident.Now if you go to a store and buy one outright then yea you should be able to I buy electronics all the time when I go to Japan and havent had an issue. Keep in mind it will be in japanese and I'm not sure if you can switch the ios to another language as im an android user(which I don't know if you can either no reseaon to switch my phones language lol)
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Re: Can tourist buy iPad in Japan? 2012/2/27 04:06
Don't plan on saving any money on electronics and electrical goods by buying in Japan they are quite expensive! If you do choose to buy don't forget to take your passport etc. to get dutyfree price which saves you a little.

Last September I bought a small Sony HD video camera in Australia for US$370. In October, in Japan the SAME video camera (albeit the Japanese version) was ~US$780!

Rice Cookers in Japan (compatible with Australian voltage) were up around US$500-800 mark.

Both the video camera and rice cooker prices were in the discount electronic/electrical district of Akihabara, Tokyo!
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Re: Can tourist buy iPad in Japan? 2012/2/28 16:11
You can buy at cheaper prices in Akihabara, but you need to know where and what NOT to buy.

Cameras are consistently cheaper than Australia, provided you don't buy at Yodobashi, etc, unless there is a special seasonal deal. Rice cookers for 240V are expensive because it's an export model, as would the Sony HD video cam that was mentioned. (because all Sony domestic video and digital cameras are Japanese only menu, so to get English, you need and export model)
I was pricing a Canon DSLR with two lens kit last week, and it was around 50,000 yen, $200 AUD cheaper than Australia.

As for an ipad, I've seen them in one shop in Akihabara, where they are SIM Free (meaning that they are SIM unlocked), but they were not cheap. Apple tend to have similar prices world wide, but the SIM unlocked ones are expesnive.
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