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Has anyone played this game 2012/2/26 06:06
I have heard that Konami has released a new game in my favorite series, Genso Suikoden. However, there is no English translation yet and I do not know if they are planning on releasing one. I think the official website says the game was released on February 9 and that it is for the psp, but my Japanese is not very good so I cannot read most of the information. Has anyone played it? Can you give me more information? This is the official site:

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Re: Has anyone played this game 2012/2/26 11:41
I don't own it and haven't played it but a review I read was discouraging.

Apparently, it no longer has the RPG feel (grow your character, explore areas, find people) of the original. It seems to have a just go along with the situations outlined by the main story.

It definitely doesn't seem to have any of the drama of V (which though dragged at first had a great story and really good voice acting).

This has always been a favorite series in this genre but I won't be picking it up anytime soon (maybe off the used rack).
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