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fake samurai sword and signature 2012/2/26 09:00
hi i bought this sword from a pawn shop three mths ago and havent found no answers yet .It is signed but i have not been able to match it up any where.I know the fittings are fake made from cast i think ,altho it came with the ido unwrapped and this looks old and worn any help would be appreciated i have measurements if needed./ thanx
by hellraiser (guest)  

Re: fake samurai sword and signature 2012/2/27 00:00
What help are you asking ?
As it is a fake, value is irrelevant, it is worth only what you paid for it.
As for history ..well its a fake..nothing more is meaningful.
Enjoy your fake sword. Don't cut yourself.
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Re: fake samurai sword and signature 2012/3/2 15:01
Sorry I dnt really explain myself I was told it was a fake would like second Opinion and also if it is fake was just wondering , if you would like pictures for future reference because I haven't found alot of fakes that you can use for as a reference guide.
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Re: fake samurai sword and signature 2012/3/3 01:04
If you bought it in a pawn shop, it's likely fake.

Also, this probably isn't a place where you'll find any answers, even if you had given enough information!
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