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Buying fanclub concert ticket 2012/2/26 18:49
I'm considering buying a fanclub ticket for a certain artist though auction.
It said that the exhibitor will send the ticket less than 1 week before the concert date. Since I stayed at the hostel, is it possible for me to receive the ticket before the the show? *considering to time for the package to arrive or so on*

And If I just buy the tickets from the general sales *Much more cheaper of course* Will I be able to get good seats?

thank you for your responses
by Diguchi (guest)  

Re: Buying fanclub concert ticket 2012/2/26 20:46
- In terms of timing, it should be OK particularly if the seller is sending from somewhere nearby. Just be sure to give them your c/o hostel address correctly. If you are worried, ask them to send it via express mail.
- The seller knows that he/she will get a bad feedback if you miss the concert due to his/her mail delay.

- "Good seats" depend on what you expect. Usually. fan club members get the better seating, but it's never guaranteed.

- One thing you might want to be careful about: some fan clubs prohibit sales of fan club-limited tickets to non-members for financial gains, and depending on the artist you are talking about, there have been instances of the venue checking the ticket vs. the fan club ID, or barring people from entering if it was a re-sold tickets.
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Re: Buying fanclub concert ticket 2012/2/27 22:25
Thank you for the info!

I just knowed about that O.o sadly I can't find any futther information about the artist I want to attend too whether it allows it or not :(

Anyway do you know by any chance
if I buy the ticket through the general sales do it will be first come first served?
I miss 2 weeks already since the general sales date due to some missunderstanding so I wonder if I buy through the official web I can get good seat or not

And I heard about the seat number will be decided later so if I buy the general sales tickets through japan order services will I get the printed tickets soon or just later like fanclub ticket?
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Re: Buying fanclub concert ticket 2012/2/28 02:57
Hi all,

I am looking to do the same, except through a 'middleman' website. I've done a lot of research on this, and it seems as if overseas fans cannot buy concert tickets held in Japan online. We're stuck with 'middlemen' websites. The websites basically buy the the ticket, charge a commission (and a premium for the ticket itself), then ship it to the individual overseas.

For those living in Japan, is this a normal practice and are these websites legit? I don't mind paying good $ to watch my favourite band, but I am weary of these websites as none of them look remotely professional and speak half-decent English in their communications.

For reference, I am now in correspondence with the website
http://personalshopperj.com/. So far they have been upfront about answering my questions and quote (and they just got 2 fan club resell tickets this morning to fulfill my request) but I am still not 100% on saying 'yes'.

I am also concerned about the warning that the venue will check ID against the fan club ticket. The concert (Super Junior, managed by SM Entertainment) will be held at the Tokyo Dome.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Re: Buying fanclub concert ticket 2012/3/25 21:19

I got tickets using their help about a month ago. I think they are 100% OK.

What I got was - Morning Musume concert on 10th March, Tokyo.
Their answer for my question was very quick.
I was a bit worried about them first, but they replied all of my question with no delay.
and the ticket itself delivered to where I was staying, Hotel near Tokyo, and genuine of course.
Payment was through Paypal, so I didn't provide them my credit card number, also no problem.
Price is same as they posted in their website, 10% and no other "extra" cost.


Very satisfied with their service and no problem. I'm sure I'll ask them again for taking ticket reservation in Japan.
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