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Hokusai prints 2012/2/29 07:46
I would like to buy good quality ukiyo-e Hokusai prints while in Tokyo or Kyoto. Can anyone tell me where I can buy such prints? I am particularly interested in the ''36 views of Mt Fuji' series- my friend bought some while in Japan and they are spectacular!
by Penny (guest)  

Re: Hokusai prints 2012/2/29 13:34
As far as I know, this woodblock print workshop does decent reproductions:


They have a showroom around JR Mejiro station, one station on the Yamanote line from Ikebukuro (3 stations from Shinjuku).

Please read to see what they mean by "reproduction" prints.
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Re: Hokusai prints 2012/3/4 11:22
The museum shop under the Tokyo National Museum usually has a few from this series. I looked at the "Red Fuji" the last time I was there. The reproductions are real ukiyoe just done by modern carvers and printers.
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Re: Hokusai prints 2012/3/5 05:10
My Japanese friend showed me a place in Jimbocho called Hara Shobo where they sell original high quality prints of all sorts of artists.

Also, there's a private museum of Ukiyo-e prints in Harajuku on the Omotesando which showcase Kuniyoshi and Hokusai original prints. This cost 1000 yen but so worth it!

or just google hara shobo and you'll get an adress.
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Re: Hokusai prints 2012/3/5 05:12
I'd also like to add that Hara Shobo had loads of reproductions too, so I highly suggest the place.

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