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Physical atractiveness 2012/2/29 09:38

I'll be working in Japan for a bit and I'm looking forward to the experience on multiple levels. I've been checking out the shopping and fashion trends, and noticed how slender Japanese women seem to be.

Of course, that shook my confidence a bit. I'm 165cm/5'5'' and 50kg/110lbs. I generally wear a US size 4. I asked a native Japanese friend in Osaka, and he said I'd be considered overweight and large in Japan.

I'm looking for a second opinion: will I blend in decently (blonde hair and green eyes set aside) and if the dating pool could be assigned parameters, would I be competitive, for lack of a better word?

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Re: Physical atractiveness 2012/2/29 13:59
Generally speaking, I don't think that guys can give decent answers seeing a woman's weight in numbers lol. They can look at your height, and can say something in compariion to their own height, but they'd have no idea about the weight...

You are relatively tall, and definitely are not overweight :)
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Re: Physical atractiveness 2012/2/29 15:19
Either you and your friend don't communicate well or he was being mean.

50kg is hardly considered overweight. Even at a height of 155cm or so 50kg is slim. At 165cm/50kg, you would be considered ideal. Younger girls in their late teens and early 20s can maintain weights of 46-49kg but it is very difficult for women in their 20s to be a natural, healthy 48kg. Unrealistic.

I think you should focus more on personality and language (and confidence).

That said, some guys are put off buy taller females and in general, Japanese men tend to shy away from foreign women (mostly due to lack of confidence in English, etc.)
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Re: Physical atractiveness 2012/2/29 16:29
Ignore your Japanese friend, you are very slim by any standards, including Japanese. You are taller than a lot of Japanese women but nowhere near as tall as me (175cm)!

You won't "blend" in as you don't look Japanese, but you will fit in just fine if you make the effort :)

Your dating success will also have more to do with your personality (and language ability!) than your looks and build. I'm married to a Japanese guy and know dozens of other foreign women who are as well- they come in all shapes and sizes.
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Thank You 2012/3/1 03:43

Thank you so much for the quick and thoughtful responses. I really appreciate the time you all took to answer my unimaginatively titled question.

Confidence successfully restored. I have enrolled in an introductory Japanese course, so I hope that'll put my feet steadily under me.

I should probably be more worried about the fact that I'm 32 years old and getting long in the tooth...! lol

175cm? Wow! I only wish...

Thanks again!
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