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Gift Giving to a Japanese Roommate 2012/3/3 13:04
I'm moving to Japan in a few days and my housing agent told me that I'll be living with a Japanese woman. Should I get her a gift? I don't know much about gift giving etiquette in Japan and I don't want to start off on the wrong foot.
by Doll face03  

Re: Gift Giving to a Japanese Roommate 2012/3/3 21:04
I think you don't need it in this case.
But if you send something to the woman,
you could be friends sooner.
In such case, gift is a little something,
for example, your country's souvenir.

Actually we Japanese have such gift culture.
When we move to somewhere,
we send a gift to new neighborhoods.

In many cases, gift is something to eat, especially sweets.

But we recently become not to do this custom, especially in large cities.

Enjoy your Japanese life(*^O^*)/~~

Forgive my English.
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Re: Gift Giving to a Japanese Roommate 2012/3/6 10:05
I moved to Japan a few months ago and was recommended by everyone to give a small gift to neighbours and collegaues.
I think it's possibly one of the best 'breaking the ice' things I've done since living here. It just puts you on a good forward footing, even if it's considered a bit of a dated thing to do.
Good luck!
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Re: Gift Giving to a Japanese Roommate 2012/3/6 11:09
When we move into an apartment building, we tend to go greet and give small "moving in" gifts to the neighbors - normally to all units adjacent to yours. Which is a good way to "break the ice" as Rebecca Ros put it. So if it's going to be a roommate, yes, it would be a good idea to bring something small - maybe some sweets or other food from where you come from, so that that works a bit as an introduction as well.
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Re: Gift Giving to a Japanese Roommate 2012/3/6 12:17
You will be living with her in the same apartment as a roommate? I would say yes, definitely bring a small gift just to say hello and make friends. I would do that in any country if I was going to be rooming with someone. Something small is fine, food or snacks or a keychain, or something that specifically where you come from is famous for. Put it in a pretty little gift bag, don't just hand over a couple of candy bars or something. :)
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Re: Gift Giving to a Japanese Roommate 2012/3/11 07:50
Something useful for all your neighbors in front, back, each side on on the diagonal. A cute pot holder with a state name on it, snuggle fabric softener is a popular gift or like everyone else said local food specific from where you come from. Like if you live on the East coast old bay spice or something like that. Bring the person you are living with the best gift! Never show up to a Japanese house empty handed when you visit either...
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