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antique kimono shopping 2012/3/7 05:41
i will be in japan from the 6th till 20th april 2012 and would liek to by a vintage kimono in either Tokyo or kyoto, can you recommend th ebest place to go.
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Re: antique kimono shopping 2012/3/8 20:12
For Tokyo try: http://www.fukusukedo.net/english.htm


Not sure if the second has antiques or not but the first should.

Also try flea markets and shrine sales. http://tokyojinja.com/shrine-sale-schedule/

Not sure about Kyoto.
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Re: antique kimono shopping 2012/3/8 23:12

I was staying at New Miyako Hotel and bought an antique kimono near Kyoto station for approx 230 CDN.

Behind Kyoto station (south side) same side as New Miyako Hotel head east.

There a shopping tower and on the main floor at the back is a small shop that sells 2nd hand kimono.

I will try to see if I still have the original receipt with the exact address.

Make sure you try it on first as kimono has different waist size.
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Re: antique kimono shopping 2012/3/9 00:35
Yes, it's the most touristy shop in Tokyo, but Oriental Bazaar is worth a look if you're looking for kimono.
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Re: antique kimono shopping 2012/3/10 10:51
One of the best known locally in Tokyo for vintage, delicately restored kimonos is near Omotesando station.

Many kimonos are traditional pattern, best silks but colours remain vibrant, and lining sewn-intricately, preserved in excellent dry cleaned condition kept on kimono shelves for 60-100 years. Sometimes, there are kimonos in children sizes.

They are a fraction of the original price depending on lining condition and a wonderful experience to browse through the store.

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