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Katana Replica - Japan to Canada 2012/3/8 13:39
I am planning to purchase a katana as a souvenir and was wondering what the best way to bring it back to Canada is.

How long are they usually? I know there are different types (wakizashi etc) I am looking to get a regular full sized one.

Is it better to ship them home? If so what's the best method of doing this? and approx how much would it cost?

I won't be going until April and was just wondering if I should bring my larger luggage to fit it or if I should just ship it home or if I have to package it separately to declare it when I get back.
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Re: Katana Replica - Japan to Canada 2012/3/10 02:12
Alright. I have done some research and here are my results.

Fedex - $450 shipping (approx 30x10x10 box 10kg) with insurance up to $500
Will need to declare it on your flight back as items to follow and keep the form to get a refund on duty and taxes (if it's within exemption limits) crazy expensive and not worth it.

I did not look into sea shipping.

I called AirCanada and we are allowed 2 check-in baggage and that a box is allowed to be checked in. Is this safe? Am I allowed to fully seal the box? If the airport decides to open the box, will they likely seal it back up properly?

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