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Question regarding Tosa inu (dog breed) 2012/3/9 05:18

I'd like to get a true japanese Tosa inu for a long time.
Checked tons of European kennels, but all of them have 150-180lbs heavyweight Tosas.
Here's a video of what i'm looking for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vkbd7yMxSQc
Although i'm against dog fighting, i find these dogs beautiful. Lightweight, athletic Tosas. Figured i won't find such dogs in Europe, but i don't have any idea how to find Japanese breeders. Tryed Google, found nothing.

Can anyone help me on this matter? I'd appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance!
by rtwrmjm (guest)  

Re: Question regarding Tosa inu (dog breed) 2012/3/10 15:28
I thought that those dogs were restricted in Europe??
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Re: Question regarding Tosa inu (dog breed) 2012/3/10 16:50
They're banned in a few european countries. Not in mine, though. They're perfectly legal here to own, participate in dog shows etc. Unfortunately it's just impossible to find lightweight ones.
Typical european heavyweight Tosa: http://tegowai-tosa.com/images/kanok/bronx/kep/sam_0408.jpg
They're nice, but not what i'm looking for.
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