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Say my Chinese name in Japanese? 2012/3/9 12:27
Hi. My Chinese name is 黃A. It is pronounced as Wong Kwonghin or at least this is hows its written on official documents in the US. Though for the most part, I normally go by the name Jonathan but I digress.

So how would this name be said and/or written in Japanese?

Someday, I plan to visit Japan with my family. Currently I'm in High School, but every few years or so,m we visit China and Hong Kong. Next time around, we plan to stop by Japan.

On another matter, I know certain elements such as culture and such attract foreigners to want to go to Japan. Some of these people neglect, as some posters would say, things that may turn you away once you actually visit Japan. What are some things that foreigners are not aware about when they claim to want to move to Japan?
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Re: Say my Chinese name in Japanese? 2012/6/2 11:38
SV܎ is pronounced 'Koh Koh Ken' in Japan. But a Chinese friend of mine introduces himself as 'Huan' and he is normally called so.
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