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Criminal Record and visiting Japan 2012/3/10 20:26
I want to visit Japan in June with my friend, but he has a criminal record (one offense only) and spent a brief period last year in prison.

The offense was for violence (battery.) He served 6 weeks in prison (actual sentence was 3 months, but you serve only half in British prisons). He originally had a community order, but failed to complete it so went to jail for a brief period instead.

Will he be refused into Japan for this, and if not what are the possibilities of obtaining a work visa?

I've read that you wont be granted entry if you've been in prison for a year or more:

(iv) A person who has been convicted of a violation of any law or regulation of Japan, or of any other country, and has been sentenced to imprisonment with or without work for 1 year or more, or to an equivalent penalty. However, this shall not apply to those convicted of a political offense.

from this website: http://www.visaemon.jp/article/13694900.html

So the possibility of being granted entry as a tourist looks promising, but what about the possibility of being allowed to work and live there?

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Re: Criminal Record and visiting Japan 2012/3/11 09:13
Most people / companies don't want to be associated with criminals in Japan. What kind of offence has been committed is irrelevant. So yes, it will be very difficult to find employment.
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Re: Criminal Record and visiting Japan 2012/3/13 17:08
I would recommend asking the Japanese embassy as it really boils down if he can visit or obtain a work visa for Japan with his record.
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