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Tickets at Shibuya O-East? 2012/3/13 17:49
There is a gig that I want to go to at Shibuya O-East soon, and they aren't selling presale tickets anymore. I have no problem with buying the tickets at the door, but how would I do that? I'm assuming there will be a line to get in, so would I need to wait and then buy my ticket, or buy it first and then get in line? Sorry if this is a silly question, but this will be my first time going to a concert in Japan, and I don't know how these things work here.
by DarlingKanaya (guest)  

Re: Tickets at Shibuya O-East? 2012/3/14 12:13
Normally tickets are on sale at combini's or ticket pia shops up until the day prior. If you give us the gig info we may be able to help more.
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Re: Tickets at Shibuya O-East? 2012/3/14 18:16
It's called musicJAPANplus gig vol.3, and it's on March 16th. It has an L code to use at the loppi(?) machines at Lawson, but it doesn't actually appear to be in their database, so I can't buy my ticket. According to the O-East site, it's not sold out, so I guess I'm either missing something or tickets were only being sold for a limited time. It doesn't even have the at-the-door price set yet, so I'm getting a bit weirded out. Any additional information would be very helpful!
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Re: Tickets at Shibuya O-East? 2012/3/15 12:43
Did you go to Lawsons and try to use the Loppi machine? I searched the Lawsons tickets website, but I can't find it either! By number, name, or the artists names! Seems very strange. As its tomorrow, I guess you'll just have to rock up and see if you can get a ticket at the door. Or go into Shibuya O-East today and ask, if you're around that area. Sorry I'm no help to you.
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Sales start at 4pm today! 2012/3/16 16:54
I hope you're in time to see this, but according to O-East's official website, tonight's tickets will be sold at the door starting 4pm. Good luck!
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Re: Tickets at Shibuya O-East? 2012/3/17 11:49
Thanks for your help, guys. I was able to buy my ticket just fine, and the gig was awesome! I'm still waiting for my hearing to recover, though, haha.
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