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filling overseas doc prescription in Japan 2012/3/14 03:28
If i bring along my doctor's prescription (non-japan) to Japan, can i fill the prescription at a japanese pharmacy?

I particularly want the product manufactured in/for Japan as I do not like the same medication supplied in my country (which is from another country as well). In case you are wondering - yes, i have tried both types.
by petunia (guest)  

Re: filling overseas doc prescription in Japan 2012/3/14 19:03
I do not have the answer to petunia's question, but I do have a follow-on question of my own. If petunia took her(?) non-Japan to a Japanese physician, is it reasonable to think that that physician would be willing to replicate the prescription so it could be filled in Japan? (Assuming there is something fairly simple that could back up the need for the prescription, such as a blood pressure check or a blood sugar test.) Would it help to show some documentation of the condition such as previous insurance claim, national health service, or whatever is available?
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Re: filling overseas doc prescription in Japan 2012/3/14 20:07
I would imagine the answer to that is "no".
Prescriptions can only written by doctors in the country in which they are registered, and practicing.
As your doctor is not registered or practicing in Japan, this is not possible.
You will need to seek out a doctor in Japan who would then need to agree that you need such a prescription.
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