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White Pages 2004/9/11 18:59
Is there a Web Site which functions as a White Pages directory for Tokyo? I have found a Yellow Pages directory but no White Pages.
by James La Giglia  

white pages 2004/9/12 21:26
it seems like there is no such a thing as white pages in japan. I herad it's becuase they don't like to be listed on a book and a phone number is something personal.
I've been looking for an old special friend that i think lives still in Sapporo but I'm unable to find it.
I've been trying forever!
i hope we will soon find what we looking for.
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... 2004/9/13 07:47
Of course, there are white pages in Japan. But I am not aware of an online version.
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help 2006/5/31 16:49
hello! my name is gen and i live in the philippines. i have brothers and sisters in japan, but i don't know their phone number and even their address. i can't find an online directory of japan. pls help me, i've been looking for them for a long time already.

i would really appreciate your help...
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No online white pages 2006/5/31 17:18

As Uji already wrote in the reply directly above yours, there is no online version of the telephone directory in Japan, and only a very small percentage of the population have their phone numbers in the paper version anyway.

Your other options include the following...
- Contact other relatives who might know.
- Contact the Philippine embassy in Japan.
- Contact Philippine associations in Japan.
- Hire a private detective.
- Contact a TV show that looks for lost relatives.
- Wait for your brother/sister to contact you.
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"411" line in Japan 2006/6/1 10:32
James, Gen,

There is a directory assistance number in Japan.

You can try asking a friend in Japan to dial for you (i don't think you can dial from overseas) - i believe the number is 104 when dialing from a cell phone in Japan.

it works, but you need to know the city where the person is living, and many people are unlisted.

Good luck!!

BTW, u can also try this private investigator company in tokyo (probably really expensive)

email: tokyo@teitan.co.jp
(from US dial +81-3-3403-5151)
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white pages for Tokyo 2007/10/21 03:43
Hi, I just found :
and saw your question regarding the white pages for Tokyo.
So, please find them
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Any website to look up phone number? 2010/11/25 16:53
I tried contacting my old friend in Japan via email and calling her cell phone without luck. I know her home address, full name and date of birth. Is there any online website for white pages?

Thanks in advance!
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white pages 2010/11/25 17:02
A few more current white pages threads exist on this forum, so you may want to do a search. However, I think the case is that online directories are still pretty nonexistent in Japan. Your best bet would probably be to write her a letter since you have her home address.
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