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F1 merchandise stores? 2012/3/18 20:04
Hi guys!

Will be in Tokyo Kyoto and Osaka in about 10 days and I was wondering if there are any f1 merchandise stores around? I am a fanatical f1 fan, and would love it if there was store with models, or tee's for the teams.

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Re: F1 merchandise stores? 2012/3/19 02:30
I don't know of stores that sell F1 merchandise exclusively but you should be able to find models in the Akihabara area since there are so many hobby shops. Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara has a large hobby department with many models. I don't know if you'll find much that is unique to Japan, however. Nakano Broadway also has a number of model shops, but Akihabara has many more along the main streets. If you have broader tastes I would recommend the 1/64th scale Tomica diecast models from the movie Cars 2 which featured comic road race models. These are only available in Japan at around 850~1,000 yen. Good luck!
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Re: F1 merchandise stores? 2012/3/20 22:33
I'm staying in Ueno for a few days, so I will make the trip down south to Akihabara to check it out. If they do have models that would be great!
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Re: F1 merchandise stores? 2012/3/21 07:39
If you're looking for models that one has to put together, Tamiya probably makes the best ones. They sell them in most toy stores and giant retailers like Yodobashi. The biggest selection I found was in the Yodobashi in Umeda, Osaka, but the Akiba Yodobashi has a large toy department. There's also a small store on the Chuo Dori, not far from the Animate store (that side of the street) that has assembled models of F-1 cars. The place almost looks like a display store, but they sell them. As far as other merchandise related to F-1, I don't remember seeing anything recently. I've been in Japan for a little over 2 weeks now. The last time I was here, the 2010 Japan GP was happening and even then there wasn't much of a selection. I guess you'd have to go to Suzuka for that.
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Re: F1 merchandise stores? 2012/3/21 19:09
Thanks for that! I will check out the Yobodashi in Umeda, since I will be stayin near Namba and Dotonbori. I knew that shirts etc... might have been a stretch, but models would be awesome! Like Vettel's RB7 or RB8!
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