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Congratulations gift for Uni entrance? 2012/3/18 21:57
Hi everyone,
My dad is heading to Japan for business (this is the 2nd time, so he knows all his colleagues vaguely well), and his Japanese colleague's son has just been accepted to university.

He was wondering if he should get the son a congratulatory gift. And if so, what would you suggest? I could tell him a thousand things to get for a girl, but I'm stumped on boys. We live in the UK so I was thinking something UK-centric...

I lived in Japan for some time, but as a student, so I'm not familiar with how business relationships work, and if it is appropriate to give a gift to the son on this occasion. Perhaps a gift to the family would be better?

by Lizzie (guest)  

Re: Congratulations gift for Uni entrance? 2012/3/20 08:11
Appropriate gift would be something like a nice pen, wallet, watch, etc.

Your dad's colleague and his son will be grateful, I think.
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