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tea bag collection 2012/3/19 04:30
I'm looking for tea bag collector from Japan
to exchange aur items.
Is there any club collectors, especially for tea bag.
Thanks for informations
by Mari (guest)  

Re: tea bag collection 2012/3/27 23:52
Nobody knows forum for collectors in Japan?
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Re: tea bag collection 2012/3/28 22:01
This was the first time I'd ever heard of tea bag collecting. A keywords search in Japanese language only gave me one website and it hasn't been updated since the year 2002. Hope it helps.
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Re: tea bag collection 2012/3/31 05:08
Uco, thank you very much for your help.
I had a look to this page, very nice, old tea bags, it is a pitty no possible to contact this collector. It is popular hobby in my country, I can imagine how beautiful tea bags are in Japan!
Thanks once again
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